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“I’ve spent several months taking classes with Polina. She has made a huge impact not only on my physical health, but also my mental well being. Zach S., Aurora, CO

The Compassion Code

Are you a helping professionals, care-giver, or empath, feeling drained and exhausted by your work?  Do you dread seeing your patients, students, clients–and even your loved ones!–even though you had once really enjoyed helping them?

Do you find it challenging to stay calm, positive, and fully engaged when helping people who are in distress?  Are you feeling powerless to help them?

Do you bring the pain you witness home with you, perhaps feeling angry, irritable, anxious, or depressed? Do you worry about the strain this puts on your family and your own health?

Is your body perpetually tense, even when you are trying to relax? Do you suffer from tension headaches, neck aches, stomach aches, and other tension-related problems?

Do you wonder how many years you can work in your profession before you risk having a full-on health crisis? Are you afraid that burnout could jeopardize your career and financial stability?

If so, you are in the right place! Read on to find out how The Compassion Code Mastermind program can help you change everything for the better.

To watch a free introductory workshop, click here

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Reiki Intermediate Training

Reiki Intermediate Training
(Reiki Level 2)

Tap into the Universal Life Force so that you can create positive changes you desire in your life.


Pre-requisite: Reiki Basics (Level 1). If you completed Reiki Level 1 with another teacher, and feel that you do not need to review, you are welcome to register directly for the Intermediate level.

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Reiki Master Certification

Reiki Master Certification
(Reiki Level 3)

Awaken the magic in you! Become a Reiki Master and use the universal life force to create your dream life.


Prerequisites: Reiki Basics (Level 1) and Reiki Intermediate (Level 2). If you completed Levels 1&2 with another teacher, and feel that you do not need to review, you are welcome to register directly for the Master level.

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Restore, Purify, and Shine:
Four Workshops on Yoga Nidra

Now at Karma Yoga:
Four Sundays, 2pm-3:30pm
January 28, February 25, March 11, April 15 (2018)

$25 for a single workshop
$20 each if you sign up for 2 or more

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Teaching Philosophy

In my workshops and programs, I welcome students of all levels of ability and all ages, cultural backgrounds, and orientations. I hold a safe and nurturing space for you to challenge yourself and discover the unique gifts that yoga holds especially for you. I draw on my expertise in Reiki Energy Healing and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy to help you tune into yourself — your vital energy flow and the loving, supportive messages coming from your physical body. Once you learn to hear your inner wisdom and master the flow of your life force through yoga, you will master the flow of your life!

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