Step inside Breathe And Be Well through this micro-documentary. Hear what my clients say about working with me and catch glimpses of our healing sessions:

My deepest thanks to my clients for coming forward and speaking from their hearts. I am honored and humbled by your kind words, and your dedication to your authentic life’s path. A huge shout out to Maria Levitov,, for capturing the magic, beauty, and power of this healing work.

About Me

My personal journey has taken me from the shores of the Black Sea to studying literature at U.C. Berkeley and Harvard, to training in holistic approaches to wellness with the Amrit Yoga Institute, Usui Reiki Lineage, Dharma Ocean Foundation, and Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy. Having lived all over the United States, I am in love with my current home in Denver, by the breathtaking Front Range.

I founded Breathe and Be Well to provide you with expertise and unconditional support for your journey home to yourself. In working with me, you benefit from the full range of my trainings, including my experience in higher education. I taught Russian literature and language for over sixteen years, helping students succeed and gain deeper insight into a different culture and our shared humanity. My experience in education deeply enriches my work as a healer. In our sessions, I help you learn about yourself and what you need to thrive. I coach you in mastering wellness tools that bring you balance and fulfillment. All services I offer–Reiki, Yoga, Meditation, and Tarot–help you connect to your inner wisdom and move forward with confidence and grace.

I work intuitively, listening deeply to what you need, moment by moment. There is no formula for our sessions. Everything we do is tailored to your unique unfolding.

I also work with your whole being—your body, mind, spirit, energy flow, and their complex relationships. Our sessions help you discover and love all parts of yourself, and bring them into a harmonious union.

Let us connect, and begin uncovering all the treasures hidden inside you, so that you can create your best life and share your success with the world. The Light in me honors the Light in you! I look forward to seeing you in person,

Polina Rikoun, Ph.D.

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Dear Friends, I am now taking new clients only through the Uplifting Compassion Program. If we are already working together regularly, and you need to (re)schedule a session, please email or call me directly, or use the form on the Contact Me page.