About Me

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Hello, I am Polina, and I am so excited to bring you “The Compassion Code Mastermind,” a program that empowers helping professionals, care givers, and empaths to defeat burnout and rekindle their lives and careers with purpose, confidence, and joy!

The roots of “The Compassion Code” reach twenty years back, to my previous career in higher education. I discovered my empathic abilities while working as a university professor, feeling my students’ mental-emotional states with every fiber of my being.  This helped me see exactly what they needed to learn and how to help them be at their best, making me a highly effective mentor and teacher.  It also made me vulnerable to empathy burnout.

Empathy burnout is similar to compassion fatigue, but you don’t have to witness other people’s traumas to get it.  Just the daily overload of feeling any and all emotions, from everyone, can push a sensitive person over the edge.

That’s exactly what happened to me.  Even though my skills and confidence grew with years of teaching, my well-being deteriorated.  I began to suffer more and more from severe, whole-body tension, headaches, constant exhaustion, depression, and anxiety.  I did not realize that I was accumulating not only my own stress, but also the stresses of everyone around me. My empathy was compromising my health, without me knowing what was happening. At first, I tried to just tough it out, and for a number of years, it worked… until I got promoted.

When my job responsibilities increased, my body started sending me severe distress signals in the form of insomnia. I would go without getting nearly enough sleep for months on end. I tried many conventional approaches to solving this problem, and when nothing worked, I knew that becoming well again was not a matter of finding a quick fix. My entire lifestyle needed to change.

In search for a lasting solution, I began to study holistic approaches to wellness.  I trained  with many holistic wellness and meditation organizations.  The most important ones are the Amrit Yoga Institute, Usui Reiki Lineage, and Phoenix Rising School of Yoga Therapy.  Step by baby step, I brought myself out of crisis mode, and began to enjoy life again. My new training in holistic wellness, and the deep healing I created for myself awakened me to a powerful calling, to help others heal themselves, too. I changed careers and founded my wellness business, “Breathe And Be Well.”

Now I use my empathic gifts more fully than ever before, with no detriment to myself whatsoever.  I have found sustainable, effective ways of working with my heightened sensitivities, so that they connect me to my clients without depleting me.

My journey from burnout to wholeness inspired me to develop “The Compassion Code Mastermind,” so that you, too, can be uplifted by your work, and enjoy a sustainable, thriving career.

To learn more about “The Compassion Code Mastermind” and my approach to defeating burnout, watch my FREE 75-minute training by clicking HERE.