Would you like to wake up filled with confidence and excitement for the new day? Do you yearn for a sense of purpose that can make even the simplest of activities deeply satisfying?

Your joyful and meaningful life is within reach… It is already within you. We are not broken. Even the wounds we have sustained contribute to our personal power, wisdom, and beauty. We are already complete, with all the resources we need stored deep within us—our buried treasures.

My mission is to help you reach these treasures and bring them into your daily life, so that you can flourish, create, and share your success with the world.

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About Me

Step inside Breathe And Be Well through this micro-documentary. Hear what my clients say about working with me and catch glimpses of our healing sessions:

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Lay back and slip into a dream-like state to receive the inflow of healing, vital energy, transmitted through your practitioner’s skillful, gentle touch. Continue reading “Reiki”


Develop fullness of breath, ease of movement, and peace of mind, so that you can dance your life with effortless grace. Continue reading “Yoga”


Free yourself from judging the past or worrying about the future, and open your senses to the vibrant colors of the present moment. Continue reading “Mindfulness”

Yoga Nidra

Close your eyes and follow a relaxing, therapeutic sequence of visualizations, breathing techniques, and awareness-enhancing exercises; emerge feeling revitalized and serene. Continue reading “Yoga Nidra”


Receive guidance and direction whenever you feel overwhelmed by a major life choice, or seek to discover additional options for addressing a challenging situation. Continue reading “Tarot”