Lay back and slip into a dream-like state to receive the inflow of healing, vital energy, transmitted through your practitioner’s skillful, gentle touch.

What is Reiki? How does Reiki Work?

Reiki is a powerful form of energy healing that removes obstacles from your path and helps bring wellness and fulfillment into your life.

Look at your hand: What do you see? Skin that covers muscles, that cover bones… But what lies beneath all that? If we could magically fine-tune our eyes to pierce the veil of matter, we would discover an infinitely fine and complex web of light, a network of energy channels that pulse with life and form the underlying blueprint of our being. Every bit of your body and your life is generated by your energy field. Reiki offers us a direct and powerful way to access your energetic blueprint and restore your inherent balance and wholeness.

What is Your Approach to Reiki? How Are You Different from Other Practitioners?

My personal approach to Reiki rests upon my faith in my clients’ inner wisdom, wholeness, and power. Through Reiki, I help my clients learn how to tap into their own energetic source. Once you begin to sense and direct the flow of your life force, you become empowered to direct the flow of your life.

I was initiated into Reiki healing through the Usui Lineage, founded by the Japanese Zen Buddhist monk Mikao Usui (1865-1926). Mikao Usui received the energy and healing method of Reiki in deep meditation, and passed them on to others. Reiki is both an energy transmission and a set of principles for healing that are passed down from master to student. It is a living lineage. I received instruction and initiation from Reece Leonetti, a powerful Reiki Master Teacher who also practices her art here, in Denver.

I enrich the Usui tradition by adding guided meditations, exercises for enhanced awareness, and intention setting that help my clients connect with their own inner light.

Your Energy Flow Creates Your Life

Everything in our life depends on the health of our energy channels, which determines whether our life force can flow through us with fullness, strength, and ease. When a channel is constricted, energy flow diminishes, and some part of us becomes malnourished and prone to injury or illness. Every hurt, every disappointment can be traced to an imbalance or blockage, a dark, stagnant spot in our internal river of life.

When an internal, energetic imbalance has been neglected for so long that it manifests on the external, physical plane, a physical remedy is usually necessary. However, BY THEMSELVES, external remedies are not enough. How many of us had one malady removed (often at great expense), only to see that same, recognizable pain re-emerge in some other area? How many of your friends have exchanged an unsatisfying job or marriage for an equally problematic one? How many people quit drinking or smoking only to start overeating? Cured back pain, but began to suffer from relentless migraines? Yes, we may need surgery, or a divorce, or some other lifestyle change, but all these steps are only part of the solution. We need to support these outward changes by working on ourselves from within. Only when our inner energetic blueprint is healed can our lives unfold with natural harmony and grace.

How Do I Improve My Energy Flow?

You can purify, strengthen, and expand your energy flow by receiving Reiki. The name of this energy healing method reveals the way it works: The Japanese word “Rei” 灵 means “spiritual” and “Ki” 気 means “vital energy” or “breath of life.” Reiki Masters–such as myself–are able to finely attune themselves to the flow of the universal life force. We can feel the flow of energy in our clients, in ourselves, and in our environment. Moreover, we are skilled at connecting with the spiritual Source of our life force, our shared “breath of life.” In a session, I serve as a bridge, channeling the life force from its primordial Source to you, the recipient, removing blockages, and restoring strong, healthy flow.