Receive guidance and direction whenever you feel overwhelmed by a major life choice, or seek to discover additional options for addressing a challenging situation.

Tarot offers a clear mirror for examining yourself and your life. In my readings, I use my skills as intuitive energy healer to help you receive messages from your spirit guides and tap into your own inner wisdom. Together, we interpret the emerging patterns with honesty and compassion. We empower you to see your situation more clearly, gain a new perspective on where you are in life, and discover what outcomes are likely to follow from different courses of action. The reading helps you move forward with confidence and grace.

How and why does Tarot work? Isn’t it just random?

In a true Tarot reading, the cards are never pulled at random. I connect with your energy (known in different traditions as Prana or Chi) and your unseen helpers (think of them as your divine support team), and allow them to guide my hand as I assemble the deck, draw each card, and place it in its own, carefully selected space. The resulting layout reveals aspects of your situation that were previously hidden from view–including your inner, mental-emotional states and outside influences that shape your experience. Consciously examining what used to be concealed gives you the power to understand the different paths of action that lie before you, and to make better-informed choices.

I do not believe in fate or predestination. Will Tarot work for me?

I am glad to hear you do not believe in predestination–neither do I! Tarot does not dictate what must be. Instead, it provides you with information about likely outcomes of different choices. In a card layout, you see different aspects of your life and different ways of working with them. The message is: If you work with this situation in this particular way, expect the following… Ultimately, the choice of how to act rests with us. And yet, whom can we blame if we ignore a warning and walk off a cliff? Treat your reading as a road map that helps you choose a happier route for your life’s journey.

What system and/or deck do you use?
I use the traditional Rider deck. Its images are layered with rich symbolism and wisdom. Gazing at each card opens a gateway into a particular human experience, with all its nuances and complexities. Furthermore, the cards relate to each other in powerful ways. The range of possible meanings held in the Rider deck is multiplied almost to infinity through this capacity of the cards to inform and modify each others’ messages. To me, the Tarot deck forms a concise encyclopedia of life, a language beyond language. In a reading, arranged in a particular layout, the Rider cards speak to each other–and to me–forming a unique pattern that reflect the uniqueness of your life.