Free yourself from judging the past or worrying about the future, and open your senses to the vibrant colors of the present moment.

How connected are you to your life as it unfolds, minute by minute, breath by breath? How much richer would your experience be if you remembered to pause and savor the foods you eat… to linger with your gaze on a beloved face… to hear children laughing as they play… to breathe in the scent of a coming thunderstorm…

Our life is composed of moments, and yet, all too often, we allow them–so irreplaceable and unique –to slip away, unnoticed and unlived.

Learn to receive every gift that life offers you more fully by developing your capacity to be present, here and now. In addition, reap the many benefits of mindfulness that recent research discovered, including decrease in stress and alleviation of many stress-related health issues.

I offer many techniques and styles of enhancing mindfulness, and really enjoy helping my students chose and practice an approach that works for their personal needs and lifestyle.