Crystal Healing with Reiki

Purify and revitalize yourself through the healing power of the Earth, carried by luminous gemstones and crystals.

In a healing session, the stones act like tuning forks. When I place them on your body, you begin resonating with the stones’ uplifting frequencies. This helps clear out energetic junk that does not harmonize with you any more, and therefore no longer sticks to you. It becomes easier for you to cultivate positive personality traits, thoughts, and behaviors that are in harmony with the stone’s positive vibrations. This internal “tune-up” will help you become a more evolved version of yourself, act more wisely, and create better outcome for yourself and others.

Why do Crystals Have Healing Propreties?

Everything that appears solid to you is really made up of energy, and has its own energetic “signature” or vibration. Our bodies pick these vibrations up, like very sensitive antennae. We may not be consciously aware of this process, but we feel the result. If you expose yourself to an object, place, or person who exudes negativity, don’t you feel a bit poisoned afterwards? Trust this feeling; it is correct. Your system started to resonate with a mental-emotional-energetic state that is unhealthy. Maybe it’s anxiety, or aggression, or despair, or any number of damaging emotions that people carry around and pass along to others without much awareness. Most of us carry quite a load of this burdensome baggage, unconsciously picked up from the suffering world around us.

The good news is that we resonate with things that carry strongly positive, uplifting energies, too. Gemstones and crystals are not just visually stunning; their beauty is internal. Each gemstone and crystal has its own, unique set of helpful energetic qualities. Humans have always known this, and have used stones as protective amulets and good luck charms since prehistoric times. You know how Turquoise is so important for the Native Americans of the Southwest? Its energy helps harmonize the vibrations of the body’s various systems. This makes one feel peaceful and whole, so no wonder people want to wear it! Another popular jewelry stone is Amethyst; its vibrations are so strongly positive that they kick any and all energetic grunge out of our system. Amethyst also stimulates the Third Eye, our center of intuition and wisdom. Even stones that people do not often associate with jewelry have powerful beneficial properties. Obsidian, for example, has a frequency that connects you more strongly with this material world of ours, helping you live with your feet firmly on the ground.

I use my training as Reiki Master to enrich the healing properties of the crystals and combine them with the healing power of the Universal Life Force, transmitted by Reiki (Rei– means “divine” and Ki means “energy”). This powerful combination unites the Earth and the Heavens to serve you and help you become happier and more effective in all your ventures.

What happens during a Session?

A Crystal Healing with Reiki session is 90 mintues long, with plenty of time to accomplish the following:

  • receive a consultation about how Crystal Healing will help you resolve problems and move forward in your current situation;
  • select the right stones and crystals, with guidance from me and your intuition;
  • create a ritual sacred space for your healing;
  • receive and absorb the crystals’ beneficial energies, enhanced by the energy of Reiki;
  • debrief with me at the end of your session to answer any questions and help translate the insights your received into your daily life.